Good to know

Did you know that …

Last year, the amount of international travelers worldwide passed 1 billion per year.

More than half of them went to Europe and many to Brussels …

  • …Capital of Europe, Flanders and… Belgium, the last people’s monarchy in the World… monarchy not related to the country, but to the people.
  • According to the latest figures, there are over 1.200.000 inhabitants in the Brussels Capital Region on a 161,38 km² surface. As arrival city to a lot of newcomers, Brussels, being a small metropolitan city, is becoming a big World City.
  • Brussels is the greenest capital in Europe, with 28m² green space per inhabitant and recently… the biggest pedestrian zone of European cities.
  • The Brussels inhabitants are famous for their gastronomic talents. Nowhere will you find so many quality restaurants per square meter , so many different kinds of world kitchens.
  • And the city has been rated as on 1 of the top 10 Street Food cities in the World.
  • At the moment, Brussels invites everybody to discover the capital’s gastronomic assets. It’s called ”Brusselicious”, a year tailored for gastronomes to discover Brussels their way.
  • This year The Belgian Post Office launched stamps with a chocolate fragrance and flavour. Nowhere in the world, you‘ll find such a variety of filled chocolates or ‘pralines’. By the way, wasn’t the ‘praline’ born in Belgium in 1912 ?
  • Belgium, well-known for chocolate, waffles, fries, Brussels sprouts and…beer, beer added to UNESCO Cultural Heritage list! There are over 1150 different original Belgian Beers and 100 label Belgian Beers , 146 Breweries and 44 Beer firms . Cantillon, Brasserie de la Senne, Brussels Beer Project and En Stoemelings…are Brussels successful ones.
  • Speaking of The Brussels Grand Place, it was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1988.
  • Has the square not been proclaimed by Stedentripper as being the most beautiful in Europe?
  • According to well-known American media, the Atomium is the most bizar European structure and ‘Manneken Pis’ a real “Marketing Hit” !
  • By the way, the Belgian Christmas market has been awarded as ‘The most original one’ by several Tourism Operators. It’s subjective , but anyway…
  • The NY Times announced this year : “Brussels has quietly emerged as one of the Europeans most exciting creative hubs”. Good to know!
  •  Brussels is 9th of 30 European Capitals, before London and Paris, in the European Green City Index, a ranking in sustainable cities. In the category of public environmental policy, Brussels is number 1 on the list.
  • But unfortunately, Brussels is also the city with the most traffic jams on access routes and they are worse than in London, Paris, Berlin or New York , because Brussels is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe. That’s why City Connexion wants to contribute to the environment by accompanying – facilitating and guiding you by foot or by public transport. We stand for sustainable leasure divertissement, sustainable tourism, sustainable city’s,….
  • And, curious to know what the meaning is of words like “Ketje, Zinneke and Zwans” ? Connect  with City Connexion and you’ll soon find out…

Be Welcome !

For your info : City Connexion recognized by the Brussels Tourism and Convention Bureau, refers for all cultural activities in the city to the agenda of the Bureau Visit Brussels.