Brussels awaits you !

Our concept

Experience the city of Brussels with all your senses … You’re in for a surprise !

We guarantee you or your party, ideally limited to a certain number of persons, a personal and jovial approach.

This approach of accompanying is unique. It’s the only way to quickly feel at home in the city and get to know her every aspect. Brussels like you never expected it !

Do you wish to discover Brussels:

  • as a visitor, individually or with friends , family , colleagues ?
  • as a newcomer, a European or International expat ?
  • during a business trip, congress, conference or while on a long term assignment in Belgium?
  • at an event organised by your company or your team ?

We, as city facilitators, are there for you. We simplify and facilitate your arrival. Take a look at our City Discovery Menu  or  City Kiosk Menu  and ,savour the city !

Or,  looking for specific  information on Brussels, practical elements ,…  we can also make your life easier.

Why we love Brussels so much ?

Simple. There aren’t as many places in Europe that are as dynamic and offer as many surprising encounters as Brussels. The city undergoes a constant metamorphosis that will make your visit a captivating one !  Be our guest …and be…

Welcome !
Patrick & Dirk