City Kiosk Services and Facilities

  1. ” Welcome Pack” : You still have to decide whether or not you will move to Brussels ? You would like an introduction to the city ? In that case, we can offer you our Welcome Pack. It will allow you to get an idea of your future place of residence. The Welcome Pack is composed of a module allowing you to explore Brussels (with transportation to possible accommodations) and a  city sensitivity module with information about the city and the cost of living. (Meet-and-greet sessions with settled expats is conceivable)
  2. Residential Tours”: Decided to live in Brussels but don’t know where exactly ? We will happily show you around the different districts and provide any information needed. This pack is composed of a district information module (with transportation) and a district swot analysis module.
  3. Starter’s kit” : Recently moved to Brussels ? We can supply all the information you need in order to get you settled in.  Knowing your neighbourhood, understanding it, is quite important. It will make your experience with Brussels a positive one. A first module will focus on must-have topics such as basic information on the Belgian and Brussels structures, transportation in Belgium, the subway in Brussels, local customs, good to know information, cross-cultural differences and quality of living. The second module focuses more on nice-to-have topics such as lifestyle, sport , restaurants and bars, culture , leisure… where can I find my community ?  Everything that will help you blend in.
  4.  Career Orientation” : Does one of your relatives need professional advice and a little help to find a job? We know the labour market in Belgium and Brussels very well. We will be glad to help you.
  5. Coaching Program” : Would you like to have access to all these facilities in one and the same pack ? In that case, we propose the coaching program. It will help you connect with your new neighbourhood quickly and efficiently. If you want us to, we will even give your partner and/or children a few suggestions to facilitate their insertion and to help them build a new network .
  6. ” History Shoot & Much More” : Do you want to know more about your new host country or region ? Interested in both the past and the present ? Would you like to understand the complex structures of this country better ? Or do you want to know a bit more about the history of Brussels and Belgium ? After all, it is closely intertwined with the history of Europe. By means of a structured and flexible module, we will show you what you want to know.
  7. Advice On demand” : Other issues come to mind like learning a foreign language but you have no idea where to go ? Our services as personal shopper will come in handy . Just ask and we will put you on the right track, making your search easier .

And explicitly for companies, we propose the

  • “Total Solution Package” : Does your company have regularly visiting colleagues from abroad , staying for longer periods ? Or are you recruiting people from other countries ? Would you like to welcome and support your colleagues in the best way possible ? In that case, we can offer you, in mutual consultation, an integrated ( or per module ) , professional solution. Contact us !

Important: We focus on a personal, pragmatic and efficient approach, always in close dialogue with you. And don’t forget, we as locals , are always one step ahead…