City Kiosk

Obviously we know our city very well. And we will be happy to show you, as newcomer, around. If Brussels becomes your new destination for a longer period of time , we will facilitate your arrival. We will help you find the answers you are looking for, accompany you through the jungle of information and increase the accessibility to the right sources , simplify your steps , give you the necessary and adequate support , … In other words, it’s an efficient way of getting everything properly done. Our experience will make your life so much easier .

We can be your mentor, guide, advisor , facilitator… and we will connect you with your new environment in a smooth way . Our approach is pragmatic and efficient .

Or, are you a bit lost in the city ? Do you want to know what our experience is regarding a specific topic or service ? We probably have the information you need or , if not, we will lead you to the appropriate persons or services .

Our credo: If the information is needed, experience makes it come alive.