Useful information

Number of participants

Accompanying preferably a limited group of people guarantees the success of our concept.

Would you like to add some people to enlarge the group ? Let us know.

It will depend on the specific walk you book. We will have to check if we can still guarantee the approach we have in mind. We will, of course, try to meet your demands in the best way possible.

And, as a reminder, the group will only be composed of people you know. No other persons will be added to your group.


It goes without saying that for company events we can bend this rule. However, the best experience is guaranteed if we follow our approach.

Outfit and accessibility

We advise our participants to wear comfortable clothes suitable for walking.

Unfortunately, the city has not foreseen wheelchair access everywhere; so if someone in your company uses a wheelchair, please let us know beforehand and we will check if the chosen tour is feasible or not.

How , where and when do we meet ?

This will depend on what you booked.

For walks: the exact meeting point will be mentioned in our confirmation. A time will also be suggested. Of course, we will try to meet your demands in the best way possible.

In case of an offer , this information shall be mentioned explicitly in the offer.